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Ecohydrological Modeling of Dalvoy Lake in Myso...
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This book deals with the impact of urbanization on Lake Ecosystem. There are six chapters in the book where, planning and scientific execution of the work is well done. The outcome of the study is very significant for the restoration and modeling for lake conservation. The longitudinal profile of the lake with hydrodynamics, climatological parameters and the impact of urban settlements are covered. A grid system of mapping to understand the downstream and upstream characteristics of the lake basin are presented. The WQI of the Lake are plotted. The software programme 'HYCH' has been used to know the quality of the water for Irrigational suitability (Handa, Piper, Stuyfzand, USSL and Wilcox). The lake sediments are analysed for grain size pattern and X-ray Diffractometer. The Ecological Modeling of the Dalvoy Lake was made using the statistical model of hydrochemical facies. To manage the nutrients, simulations were made using the PAMOLARE 1 layer model (UNEP-DTIE-IETC and ILEC).

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